Pair of Lesjofors Heavy Duty Rear Coil Springs for Nissan Navara D23 2015-On

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Pair of Lesjofors Heavy Duty Rear Coil Springs for Nissan Navara D23 2015-On

A pair of superior quality Swedish manufactured coil springs, specially designed for the D23.

These springs address the common problem of poor towing performance & response to load in the rear bed. The D23 OE springs suffer from a compromise between load carrying ability & comfort. Lesjofors HD springs improve on this performance.

Lesjöfors produce the world's largest range of standard and heavy-duty OE replacement coil springs.

Lesjöfors coil springs are produced using superior-grade spring steel at Lesjöfors factories, using state-of-the-art computer controlled machines
- Ensures high quality standards and full control over availability

Lesjöfors use an advanced zinc phosphate and epoxy powder paint surface treatment
- Providing longer life to the spring by minimising corrosion

Lesjöfors offer parallel wire springs (constant thickness), and both parallel and tapered wire options where the original spring is tapered
- Giving customers and installers more choice

All Lesjöfors parallel wire coil springs are supplied with a 3 year warranty, and tapered with 2 years
- Providing peace of mind whilst protecting your reputation

Lesjöfors produce matching quality parts according to BER 330 and 461
- All springs can be fitted without warranty restrictions


(No reviews yet) Write a Review