Super Pro Front Lower Control Arms Kit (Double Offset) For Toyota Landcruiser J12 2002-2010

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Product Overview

Super Pro Front Lower Control Arms Kit (Double Offset) For Toyota Landcruiser J12 2002-2010

Lower Control Arms Kit (Double-Offset)
Left and Right Arms for Lifted Vehicles with Extra Caster and Camber Correction Arms fitted with Uprated Ball joints and SuperPro Bushes to reduce Arm movement.

Wheel-alignment required after fitment

Kit Includes: 2 x Arms, 4 x Bolts


1              Better road-holding

2              Constant steering geometry

3              Increased tyre life

4              More responsive steering

5              Longer service life of suspension components

6              No increase in Noise, Vibration or Harshness (NVH)

SuperPro has the largest range of aftermarket polyurethane bushes available and are currently manufacturing more than 7000 products at their own facility in Brisbane, Australia.

The benefits of using aftermarket components is that each product is designed from the ground up to exceed standards as a standalone component, rather than as a subordinate component of a larger module (as seen in OE engineering). SuperPro embraces the concept of developing a higher quality, quieter, longer lasting alternative to standard rubber bushings.

All SuperPro products:

are made from SuperPro's own proprietary special elastomer-based engineering-grade polyurethane formula

exhibit the best characteristics of both rubber and plastic materials due to their unique formulation

are a superior alternative to rubber; providing higher-quality quieter, longer lasting bushings with no increase in NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness)

have superior abrasion resistance to rubber

have excellent memory properties

are unaffected by extreme temperatures, oils and coolant

are not constrained by OE design constraints (mass-production costs, warranty and vehicle assembly factors)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review