Super Pro Full Suspension Enhancement Lift Kit (Bilstein Version) For Toyota HiLux KUN25 & KUN26 2005-2017

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Super Pro Full Suspension Enhancement Lift Kit (Bilstein Version) For Toyota HiLux KUN25 & KUN26 2005-2017 *Special Order 4/6 Weeks*

1xHILUX101-BIL Ready Strut Pr 2xBE5-D564 Rear Dampers 2xFLS-001 Rear Spring ea 1xKIT096SK Shackle & Bush Kit 4xFUB006 U-Bolts 1xSPF4359K

Designed to lift the vehicle approximately 2-3 inches / 50-75mm (depending on load and vehicle specification) and provide the ultimate in handling and control, both on and off road. Kit includes: Front Replacement Readystruts with Superpro Top mounts, King taper wire coil springs, Bilstein Strut, Rear leafsprings with SuperPro bushes & greasable pins and shackle bolts, Rear Bilstein dampers.

BILSTEIN gas-pressure technology provides maximum traction, precise handling and safety
Patented digressive valving instantly reacts to changing surface conditions
Optimum grip and enhanced lane stability in day to day and extreme situations
Proven in harsh Australian outback conditions
Repairable & Revalveable
OEM certified mounting hardware allows for easy installation
Restores original ride characteristic
Individually fine-tuned during BILSTEIN road testing
Enhanced safety
Precision handling for optimised vehicle control
Constant damping power under any load
3 year / 60,000km warranty
Please note: This kit's default rear spring rate, has been specifically designed for heavy-duty use on vehicles that have a constant load at 100kg for the Dual Cab and 200kg for the Single Cab. Matching spring rates with your vehicle's weight is critical to performance. If you are unsure of your vehicles rear load or the spring rate you require then please contact us to make sure you get the right spring rate.


1              Better road-holding

2              Constant steering geometry

3              Increased tyre life

4              More responsive steering

5              Longer service life of suspension components

6              No increase in Noise, Vibration or Harshness (NVH)

SuperPro has the largest range of aftermarket polyurethane bushes available and are currently manufacturing more than 7000 products at their own facility in Brisbane, Australia.

The benefits of using aftermarket components is that each product is designed from the ground up to exceed standards as a standalone component, rather than as a subordinate component of a larger module (as seen in OE engineering). SuperPro embraces the concept of developing a higher quality, quieter, longer lasting alternative to standard rubber bushings.

All SuperPro products:

are made from SuperPro's own proprietary special elastomer-based engineering-grade polyurethane formula

exhibit the best characteristics of both rubber and plastic materials due to their unique formulation

are a superior alternative to rubber; providing higher-quality quieter, longer lasting bushings with no increase in NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness)

have superior abrasion resistance to rubber

have excellent memory properties

are unaffected by extreme temperatures, oils and coolant

are not constrained by OE design constraints (mass-production costs, warranty and vehicle assembly factors)

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