Tunit Advantage 3 Tuning Kit for Toyota Landcruiser Colorado 3.0D4D 2000-2002*

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Product Overview

Tunit Advantage 3 Tuning Kit for Toyota Landcruiser Colorado 3.0D4D 2000-2002*

*Vehicle registration required when ordering*

1. More Power

2. Best Performance

3. Better Economy

Toyota Landcruiser 3.0 D4D (1KD-FTV) 2000-2002 166 BHP 

Power increase - Before fitting 166 BHP - After fitting 202 BHP

Torque increase - Before fitting 302 lbs/ft - After fitting 342 lbs/ft

9 adjustable settings

A plug & play vehicle performance module which improves BHP, torque and fuel economy. Customers benefit from an average of 12% fuel savings with this device installed. The unit is approximately the size of a mobile phone and includes a wiring kit for installation. 

The module has a 9-position adjustable dial. On dispatch, Advantage 3s are set to number 7 which reflects the performance gains quoted above. If an increase in power is reqired simply turn the dial up, or alternatively, if  better MPG is prefered the dial can be turned down.

All Advantage 3s include a T-shaped harness which installs onto the 3-pin plug at the end of the common rail. Once the customer has located this plug, it is just a matter of connecting a male & female plug. Installation can be undertaken by the customer or they can visit a local dealership (an installation fee is likely to be charged - please check with the dealership). Full instructions are provided.

Tunit is easy to remove with no trace left on the engine returning the vehicle back to 'standard' thus avoiding any issues with vehicle warranty.

5-year product warranty.

Full customer support & after-sales care is offered by Tunit.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review