Tunit Advantage 3i Tuning Kit for Toyota Landcruiser GDJ150/GDJ155 2.8D4D 2019-On

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Product Overview

Tunit Advantage 3 Tuning Kit for Toyota Landcruiser GDJ150 / GDJ155 2.8D4D Oct 2019-On*

*Vehicle registration required when ordering*

1. More Power

2. Best Performance

3. Better Economy

Toyota Landcruiser GDJ150 / GDJ155 2.8D4D Oct 2019-On 201 BHP 

Power increase - Before fitting 201 BHP - After fitting 267 BHP

Torque increase - Before fitting 369 lbs/ft - After fitting 438 lbs/ft

The Tunit Advantage 3i is among one of the world first tuning products used specifically for the i-ART system which is becoming increasingly common among Toyota and Volvo engines. It provides great increases in BHP whilst also having a substantial improvement on fuel consumption, boasting figures in some cases of increasing power by up to 35% and fuel economy by up to 15%.

The Advantage 3i installs onto each fuel injector (4 in total) along with a plug onto the MAP sensor and 2 connections to the battery. Installation is certainly recommended at a dealership with these units as there is a lot more work to do when installing.

Tunit is one of the only companies that covers the new Toyota/ Volvo injection system. If the customer changes vehicle in the future, these can be transferred over onto the exact same injection system (part number NADV112). If the customer changes to a different type of vehicle, we can instead offer a part exchange.

5-year product warranty.

Full customer support & after-sales care is offered by Tunit.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review